Monday, August 11, 2008

two more days to go....

surgery is in two days now....and it can't come soon enough. milo is starting to get very annoyed with the feeding tube in his nose and i think he has figured out that if he coughs hard enough he can actually manage to cough it up, so that one end of the tube is sticking out of his nose and the other end is hanging out of his mouth...then we have to pull it out and place a new tube...he has actually started to do this about every other day for the past week and a half....i am getting very good at placing tubes! at first it took me quite a while to measure and get the tape all ready and then actually place it, now i have it all ready and into his tummy in about 5 minutes.... but i am glad to not have to do it anymore, it will be a very good feeling tomorrow night to take it out for the last time.

on a totally different topic, i just realized that milo's birthday this year (his first birthday) is on thanksgiving. its weird, i always had this idea of a big first birthday party just for him....i didn't really think he would be sharing it with a big turkey dinner...but at least it wont fall on thanksgiving again until 2014.