Thursday, August 7, 2008


milo is scheduled to have surgery on the replace his ng-tube (feeding tube in his nose) with a g-tube (feeding tube in his belly). i am of course nervous since its surgery and he will be under anesthesia and all, but im also very excited to get this awful looking tube off of his cute little face, and im very glad that i never again will need to place a tube into his nose and push it down to his belly, its not fun and he really doesn't appreciate it very much. he will be staying at children's medical center for a few days following his surgery to recover. wish us luck!


Poppy said...

I think your blog will be a source of inspiration & information to other parents with special challenges. I know how much you have researched and dug for answers. You guys are going to end up being real experts! I know one thing: It's going to take some extra effort & help, but Milo is going to have a good life. We love you guys! Dad / Poppy