Monday, August 18, 2008

more waiting

so i think milo should probably be receiving an award for grumpiest baby in the world today....he was just miserable all day long. i am exhausted and just emotionally spent. not to mention that i was on the phone with doctors, pharmacies and insurance companies off and on all day trying to get some things sorted out, and then i got some very bad news that the surgery that we have been waiting for, that got postponed, got rescheduled and isn't until september 11.....over 3 weeks away!

so its been a rough one...sometimes it feels like im trying so hard to hold things together and to get things straight, but then more things pile on top, and some of the things that i thought i had all figured out just fall apart..and theres no end in sight, we have been waiting so long for this surgery and in my head it was the next step, so i think it being postponed, and now the fact that we have to wait almost a whole month, has just got me feeling so frustrated, and anxious, waiting, waiting, waiting....sometimes i feel like thats all i do.....


Nicole said...

Want me come down and whoop some ass?? I'll give someone a black eye to get him in for his surgery.

Just wanted to make you smile, love you and thinking about you everyday.