Saturday, August 9, 2008

listen to your nicu nurses....

milo recently changed pediatricians (we had a horrible time with his previous pcp, i will explain the whole story sometime but i don't have time right now) and i just really love his new doctor and the whole clinic is wonderful, its called the tiny tots clinic and it is just for preemies who have done a stay at the nicu....everyone is really nice there and they all know what their talking about.

when we were staying at the nicu i asked the nurses if they could recommend a doctor for me and i think the first name out of any nurse i asked was dr. suterwala (our new pcp), but he was at baylor and i didn't really know how to get there so i decided to go with a doctor at medical city (where his nicu was) because we had been there for 2 months and were just kind of comfortable there.

anyway, the moral of the story is that if all your nicu nurses are telling you to go to a certain doctor, listen to them! they know what their talking about.


Poppy said...

I think everybody should listen to Nurses :-)