Sunday, August 24, 2008

not much to report....

milo has gotten his first little tooth...i knew it was coming but it finally poked through. we are starting occupational therapy at our children's house on wednesday, this will be the first time we will be going there and im pretty excited, it was my first choice on where i wanted to take milo for his various therapies....and i get to go where i wanted so, that's pretty cool! otherwise not much has been going on, we had a pretty quiet week, i thought milo was going to be recovering from his surgery this week so we had no appointments planned, it was a nice little break, but now the madness resumes :)


S/K/O said...

Hello! I found you through Katy (Bird on the Street - you left a comment om her blog). We are with you! Owen is 13 months old and although his complications are a result of a birth injury (hypoxic) during L/D (he was a term baby), Milo and O have many issues in common - feeding tube, CP, CVI, fussiness, etc. PLEASE feel free to reach out - we are just a few months ahead of you in this journey but, like you, I have found great solace and support in the other mamas that I've connected with. Owen's blog: My email: Take care of yourself and we'll continue to keep tabs on Milo through his blog!