Tuesday, July 29, 2008

welcome to milo's blog......

i'm starting this blog for my son milo....to tell his story and share all of the things that he has been through and accomplished, but i am also writing this blog because during a time when it was very difficult for me to get straight answers or know what to expect for the future, reading the blogs of other parents who have gone through this was probably one of the best resources i could have asked for. sharing in what other families had gone through, and how they had overcome so many obstacles, made everything seem more possible for us. so i hope that by me telling milo's story maybe this blog can do that for someone else. my son milo was born six weeks early. his amniotic sac ruptured early which is why they induced labor at 34 weeks, he suffered from respiratory distress during and following labor, which caused a lack of oxygen to his brain, most likely one or more of these factors led to periventricular leukomalacia (pvl), and ultimately cerebral palsy.....how severe is yet to be determined since he is still only 8 months old (6 1/2 months adjusted), but he accomplishes more and more every day and we are very hopeful for the future.