Tuesday, August 25, 2009

so much to say....

i have been crazy busy lately...my head is constantly swimming and i am really having a tough time remembering the littlest things, let alone the big things. i need to blog more, to sort of sort out my thoughts, i think it would help but i only seem to think of doing it when i am busy and can't. i write whole blog posts in my head while driving to therapy, literally!

i am moving this week. so, that has kept me busy...i am not moving far, but to a bigger place. i will post pictures once we have our house all set up, it's so cute and i really love it. milo is doing pretty good. still having stomach issues, which i don't feel like writing about right now because it would really take a whole long post on it's own to explain all the symptoms and the fact that we, along with all of his doctors, don't know why he is still vomiting so much. it sucks. but what doesn't suck is the fact that milo has begun to be weaned off of his phenobarbital, yay!!! he will remain on topamax, and will probably need to remain on at least one seizure medicine indefinitely, but the doctor agreed with me that since he has not been having seizures for quite some time two were probably not necessary, so we just knocked one med off of the way too long list of medicines!

also, in even bigger news, milo has finally reached 20 pounds! weight gain has always been an emotional thing for me when it comes to milo. when he doesn't gain well (which he hasn't for much of his life so far) i feel like i have failed as a mother or something. i know, it's dramatic and irrational, and not true....but hey, i am a girl and i do have a tendency to at times be dramatic and irrational....and i have cried the whole way home after many weight checks so it is a wonderful feeling to see the numbers steadily climb like they have been the last few months.

well, that is my milo update for now...i will post again soon, hopefully with some pictures of our new place.