Monday, November 17, 2008

video of milo being a cutie....



carina said...

I am trying really hard to type thfough my tears here...That was Nathan to a tee. Treasure those moments. Really.

Poppy said...

That was great fun to watch; I could watch about 10 of those daily please. He's making such progress. Cant wait to hold him again! I'm gonna be bugging you now every few days for new video. Love Poppy

therextras said...

He sure is a cutie! I loved hearing him talk - sounds like hi to me!

I also liked how he moved his arms up to near his face freely.

(Dad's voice was cute, too!) Barbara

Lisa/Nanny said...

this is fantastic
i love his smile, so good to see and definitely can see a very positive change
not too long before we will see his smile in person
miss you!!!!!

Nicole said...

Too cute!

Hope you have a great birthday with him, wish we could be there!