Saturday, November 29, 2008


milo is making alot of progress in pt, ot, and speech. he especially likes ot, i think because he really connected with his therapist katie, when he hears her voice he smiles and starts kicking his's very cute!

he keeps surprising us at home with randomly doing stuff we didn't know he could do, like lifting his head for 30 seconds straight....or making noises we didn't know he could make, like the other night after we put him to bed he was making his normal cooing noises, and then he said "oh, why-bo" ....i have no idea what it means but it was definitely adorable.

he is reaching for things all the time now, touching my mouth when i talk to him, and he discovered that my hair is very fun to grab a hold of and pull. and smiling....he is smiling a ton now. also, i can't really be sure but i think he is seeing better, he seems to be looking around more and more aware of his environment.

i'm really proud of him and ecstatic with all of the positive improvements he's been making. everyday i never know what to expect....and it's so nice to say that and mean it in a good way, and not in a panicky, worried kind of way.


Ellen said...

I love that you say you never know what to expect in a good, not panicky sort of way. I was SO filled with worry in the year or two after Max was born that I feel like I missed out on a lot of the cuteness. And you have a LOT of cuteness to enjoy! :)

Nicole said...

I am so glad he is doing so well!!
Can't wait to see him and you guys too. Will be sending something for his birthday this week.

Love you


Aunt Julie if you click on my picture it takes you to my profile that links you to both of my blogs at the end of the page! :)

Kelly said...

i feel like every achievement practically deserves a party. and he thrives on you being so proud if him. it's so great to be so excited about the little things (which are really big things!).

Poppy said...

There is so much progress - it is very exciting. Re: Couple entries ago about the Mac & Cheese - Despite carrying the Speed name....he is still also a Grindle - and you know how we feel about our pasta. Give him a hug for me Love Poppy

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