Tuesday, November 25, 2008

picky eater

we have been working on eating solids with milo for a while now, and he is doing really well....as long as he is eating gerber stage two macaroni & cheese. i'm serious, that's the only thing he will really eat. he will take a few bites of other foods, and then make a face like he is totally disgusted, but he will eat the whole jar of mac & cheese, so i know he is capable of eating, he is just really, really picky! what do i do? does anyone else have babies that are this picky?


Anonymous said...

What a handsome birthday boy! It's been a bit since I've been on. Things are crazy here also. 65M is doing in home therapy so my time isn't my own much either. I LOVE the video of Milo. He's so sweet. Give him a big birthday kiss from all of us.Love,Julie,Steve,Jeff, Jake and Ashley.

Ellen said...

First, may I say that Milo has excellent taste. Mmmm...mac and cheese. My Max wasn't picky when he started eating, but I remember the pediatrician saying that it would be good to expose him to all sorts of textures as kids with issues can sometimes prefer one over the other. Maybe find something similar to mac and cheese texture?

jamie said...

that's a good idea, thanks!

carina said...

Nathan wasn't allowed to eat (aspiration) but with my other child (very picky eater), I took half his favourite and mixed it up with another brand. It worked. Eventually I had a whole mixed up bunch but as long as his fav was in there, he ate it! :)

Holly said...

Maybe you should just top everything with cheese! Love mac and cheese!

A friend of mine takes her kid to a feeding clinic and they suggested adding spices to things that are bland. Cinnamon, Vanilla, salt & pepper. Cinnamon has worked with Caleigh. Today I added chocolate syrup to her milk and she was sucking away at the bottle. Sour or sweet supposedly helps remind them to swallow.

Got your email. I'm trying to get through tomorrow in one piece! and then I'll get back to you on photos. Have a great Thanksgiving!