Sunday, July 26, 2009

on a lighter note...

thank you everyone for your comments to my last post...the rational part of me knows that a chart is just a chart, and no piece of paper can determine what milo is capable of, but sometimes the irrational part of me takes over and i am a worried mess. i am very lucky that i have had the opportunity to have "met" such a wonderful supportive group of moms through this blog that can snap me out of it when i get like that.

on a lighter note, if you want to feel uplifted and have a really good laugh, watch this video!


S/K/O said...

hurray, hurray, hurray! for your words, for all the mamas out there AND for this video. i LOVED it and laughed and laughed and laughed. i am going to post this on my facebook page. thanks for being a rockin mama, jamie!

Keri said...

Now that's a grand entrance if I've ever seen one! Awesomely fun and very creative.

therextras said...

An excellent find, jamie. I will be sharing this video with friends.

If Hitch had been produced before we were married - we were the type this song was meant for. It's how we dance, too. True nerds.

I'm hatching a plan to meet Holly and Jocalyn in Arlington next week. If you want in, call Holly.