Monday, July 6, 2009

milo update....finally!

it's been so long since i last posted, I was supposed to tell everyone about the whole hospital stay but honestly there isn't too much to tell, like so many things with milo it was a mystery. he was vomiting repeatedly whenever he was on his j-tube feeds, when he wasn't on the feeds he was still not feeling too great but not vomiting, so at the hospital they stopped his feeds and put him on an iv for a couple of days and did a ton of tests, which all came back normal. when we started his feeds again he did better, so we went home.

everything is going great right now, milo has been feeling really good, i think this is the longest stretch of him being healthy and feeling well we have had in a long time, if ever (knock on wood). the only issue he has been having lately is teething, which is a nice, "normal" issue that all parents deal with! he is getting his upper molars, and he is not happy about it, his z-vibe helps a lot...

jesse recently got laid off from his job, which sucks. we have been doing a lot of job hunting for cross your fingers that he finds something soon. although it has been nice having him home, and he has been really helpful, it would be nicer to have him working!

so that is what is new with us.....i will leave you with some new photos of mister m!


Ellen said...

Hi there. What cute pictures of Milo! I am sorry to hear about Jesse and the job, but glad the divine Mr. M is better. Hope the teeth come in fast!

My husband lost his job last summer, and while we were worried, it really was nice having him at home, so I know how you feel.

jocalyn said...

I love those pictures! We all need to plan a time to get together! (since we couldn't make it work last time :( Maybe meet for coffee the week after next closer to you? Or one day next week here for another "lay date!" Let me know what works for you and I'll talk to Holly and Jennifer. Hope everyone continues to be healthy!

Keri said...

How nice it is to pop over for a blog visit and see Milo's contagious smile! I just love your blog header photo. So darn cute!

So glad to hear Milo is better other than teething, which is never fun. The new pics are great! Love the shades and ponies. Simply adorable!

Ugh, losing a job stinks. My hubby has to the end of September then he will be laid off. Gotta love companies that ship their business to other countries. What a pain. Keeping my fingers crossed for your man to find a job.

Jenkins said...

I have no idea how I stumbled upon your blog...anyway...our little guy is two years old with a g-j tube and severe chronic vomiting. We are in and out the hospital without much explanation for the vomiting.
Did you have any resolution or answers?