Wednesday, April 22, 2009

for poppy

milo's poppy (and my dad) has requested some new pictures of here they are!

i have been meaning to sit down and write a post, but every time i try i can't seem to organize my thoughts and come up with anything coherent. i plan to post in the next couple of days, until then.....

at the farmer's market

looking cool with his shades on

handsome boy

mister m....having fun with daddy


POPPY said...

Thank you so much- those are all great. The 5 sun-glasses' pix are some of the best shots of that cool cat ever. We can hardly wait to see Milo (and his parents of course)again. Tell Picasso's Pizza to get ready: We're coming back soon. Kisses to Milo for us - Love Poppy

Nanny said...

those are so sweet
you need to send those via e-mail so we can update our pictures around here
can't wait to see you guys

Nicole said...

Too cute!! He is soooo cute!! Can't wait to scoop him up and give him big smooches!

Keri said...

Oh my, Milo is precious! His smile warms my heart. I'd love to snatch him up and deliver dozens of kisses. I doubt he'd care for it coming from me, but he's irrisistable. LOVE the photos.