Friday, April 3, 2009

teacher's helper

this past saturday milo was the demonstration baby at a course at baylor called "NDT Treatment of the Baby and Child" was really interesting. the instructor for the course, suzanne davis, worked with milo for a little over an hour. his regular pt, along with many other familiar faces from our children's house (where milo goes for therapy) were there for the course. i think we got some good ideas for things to try with him both at pt and at home. milo did really well, one of the things i really liked about suzanne was that even though she had just met milo she was amazing at figuring out his likes, dislikes, and how to coax him into doing stuff he really wasn't too keen on at first. she has a clinic in florida where they do "intensives", children are treated 3-4 hours per day for a period of one to three weeks. at the end of her session with him milo was purposefully exploring the yarn hair of a doll with his open hand, which is pretty big for him since that is not something he does often.

this thursday we are taking milo to a "beeping" easter egg hunt @ white rock lake for kids with vision impairments. i think it will be fun, i know milo won't really understand the concept of searching for easter eggs quite yet but he really likes noisy crowded places so it's worth going to.

a couple of weeks ago we got happily bombarded with packages in the mail. milo got several things from his amazon wish list...and we wanted to say thank you to milo's aunt becky, ma tante kate, and m'aime speed. i also want to say thanks to milo's nanny and poppy and auntie nicole for the stuff they sent. and last but not least thanks to milo's aunt eilene and grandma for the stuff they have done lately. some what related to this i am greatly lacking in addresses of family members and i would really love to have them for thank you cards, if you are a family member or family friend i would really appreciate it if you could take a moment to e-mail me your address! please! my e-mail address is thank you.


Poppy said...

Really good reports, nice to hear Milo's progress. The bottom picture really emphasizes his beautiful blue eyes! love to you all POPPY

therextras said...

What a great opportunity - participating in an NDT course! Do you only get to go once? Sometimes a child participates throughout the whole course.

I took my NDT course in 1987. NDT is still the staple of my practice. I don't know anyone doing 'intensives' here in Texas. If you find some, please post about it.

Milo is beautiful. Barbara

POPPY said...

My favorite current Milo picture, I saw on Jesse's gallery on his Facebook. It's Milo in his stroller, sitting up, with the hugest grin on his face. looks so happy!

jamie said...


we felt really lucky that we got to participate :) it was a three day course and they needed demonstration babies for two of the days, we did the first day but they had a different baby for the second day.

i haven't heard of any "intensives" in texas...i wish there were though...if anyone knows of any let me know!