Tuesday, January 6, 2009

what to blog about.....?

i have had a little bit of writers block lately with the blog....maybe because things have been going so well with milo. he is just so pleasant & cute & sweet & cuddly & so on! he is getting much better at holding his head up, i don't think it will be too long before we have that one mastered.

one little concern i have right now is that he grinds his teeth...alot. so much in fact that one of his to front teeth appears to have the enamel wearing off. this may also have something to do with the meds he's on...im not really sure. i am going to bring it up at his pcp appointment next friday and see what his doctor thinks should be done. we have a neuro appointment coming up....and a gi appointment to set a date to switch from his g-tube to a button, we will be switching to pediasure following that appointment as well.

all and all it's been a pretty good start to 2009, my new years relolution, you ask? to try and stay more positive.


Nicole said...

Sounds like he is doing good!

Can't wait to see you guys, we both miss you all bunches!

therextras said...

I know what is used to manage grinding, but I'm not the best person to suggest what to do for this. Good idea to tell the next physician you see, but tell the neuro doc, too.

Be sure to come back and read me tomorrow. (hint, hint) Barbara

Anonymous said...

See a pediatric dentist. They can xray the teeth to see if there is damage to the dentin (which sometimes requires a cap). His teeth might not be damaged (even though not pretty due to the grinding down of the enamel)--this is called hypoplasia. Good dental brushing and care help immensly with hypoplasia. Keep us posted!!

Ellen said...

I am glad Milo is doing well, overall. Definitely ask about the tooth grinding.

Poppy said...

This question is for anybody: Is the grinding particularly common to kids with CP? Tell Milo Poppy & Nanny will be kissing him good-night tomorrow xox

Anonymous said...

Yes, CP and teeth grinding is quite common. Known as bruxism. But, a dentist will need to determine the etiology (the cause or origin)of the teeth damage. The teeth could have also been damage in utero do to a disruption in the enamael development and the grinding just magnifies the problem. Find a great ped dentist who ENJOYS working with disabled children. Good Luck!

The unpregnantmother said...

This too shall pass . . . I hope!

But I would also propose seeing a dentist/orthodontist just to make sure.