Sunday, January 18, 2009

please write a letter or send an email for emerson.

please take a little time today to go to emerson white's journal. many of you may have heard what's going on already, but basically what has happened is that emerson lives in colorado, it is where her house is, it is where her father and brothers are, it is where her parents pay taxes, ect....but emerson has been being treated at a hospital in nebraska, and since she has been in nebraska for so long colorado medicaid is dropping her. since she is not a resident of nebraska she cannot get medicaid from them. they have met their life time max for their private insurance, so medicaid is all they have, and over the past month emerson developed complications resulting in the removal of 90% of her new transplanted bowel, so she needs another transplant to survive. she has to have medicaid to have the transplant. without the transplant she will not make it. i really cannot beleive that her family is having to go through this right now, i cannot imagine the stress, the frustration, and the worry they must be feeling. i hope this situation gets quickly resolved and we can all help by writing letters and sending e-mails. on her blog emerson's mother (erika) has listed addresses and e-mail addresses, and alot more details. emerson white's journal


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