Wednesday, September 3, 2008

picture post

milo was in an amazing mood actually might have been the best day i can remember ever as far as his mood goes, so, it was pretty darn cool! i got lots of cute pictures of him as we were lying and playing in bed...he was being very cute...and we had so much fun. also, we had a weight check today and he now weighs 14 lbs, 5 ounces....we were stuck at 13 lbs for what seemed like forever so hooray for getting over the 14 lb mark! go milo!

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Nelba said...

Milo has such amazingly beautiful eyes. Enjoy!

Nicole said...

Cute pics, but.........are those leggings that you have on that kid??

And if they are, what the hell are you doing to him!! Seriously......LEGGINGS!!!

jamie said...

yes...they are leggings, from his auntie angie, and i love them :) they have little skulls on them so they are very manly lol

Mommy07 said...

Noah has those babylegs....the skulls make them "ok" since they so masculine father and husband HATE babylegs!!!

Holly said...

I love 'Good Days' :-)

Caleigh has several pair of babylegs. I guess it's ok cause she is a girl, but if I had a boy I would definitely get him the ones with flames!

Cheers to a Great Day!