Monday, September 15, 2008

another update....

milo was sent home saturday afternoon from the hospital....and everything was seemingly okay, but a couple of hours after we got home things went downhill....he was very very fussy ang crying alot, and his cry was not his normal cry, it was very high pitched, so i started getting concerned.

i began taking his temperature and it was just below 101 and we were supposed to take him to the er if it was over i gave him some tylenol to see if that would bring it down...and it did, a little, so we decided to wait it out a little longer, (even though my gut told me we were going to end up at the er)...and at about 9 pm his temp spiked up to 102.2, so off we went to the er...where we stayed for 11 long hours (i actually only stayed 8 hours, i went home to get some sleep once we found out for sure that he was getting admitted).

they have run tons of tests, he has had x-rays and a sonogram...and it looks like everything with the tube is okay, its in the right place, there is no abscess or anything, its just a run of the mill infection, which he's being treated for with antibiotics through an iv....and as soon as he is tolerating feeds and does not have a temperature for 24 hours he can come i'm hoping tomorrow.

to top it all off i started coming down with a pretty bad cold that makes staying in the hospital extra hands are practically raw from washing them and hand sanitizer as i try to avoid passing my cold on to him, because that's the last thing he needs right keep your fingers crossed for us that all goes well and we get to come home tomorrow.