Friday, September 3, 2010

did you miss us?

my blog has been sorta missing for the past several first because things were so crazy and milo seemed to be sick all of the time, and then it was because things were going so well and we were enjoying it and taking it all in....and then it was crazy and milo was sick, and then things were going so well, and so on and so forth.....such is the life of a special needs momma....but a recent trip to maine (where i grew up) made me realize how many people were keeping tabs on milo and our family through this blog so i decided i need to get my act together and blog already!

it would take me forever to fill you in on everything that has happened since last november....but i will give a summary for now...

up until the last couple of months milo's vomiting was out of control and a constant source of stress and worry for us. after a lot trial and error, countless hours reading, googling, going over message boards and e-mailing moms with kids with similar symptoms we have seemed to narrow down milo's vomiting triggers, make some small changes to his daily routine and have cut down his vomiting by like 90%. needless to say the last couple of months have been bliss for our family. we were able to take a trip to maine to visit friends and family, milo is steadily gaining weight and becomes more vocal and more silly every day. his head control has improved greatly and he is trying really hard to master rolling. life without constant vomiting is wonderful!

our trip to maine was so great, it was nice to get a break from the texas heat, and milo loved the constant attention from his grandparents and his cousin sophie. jesse and i got to see old friends who we missed so much, and eat at our favorite restaurants which we were homesick for as well.

we have the greatest nurse, eric, and he has made our life so much easier. he is so supportive and it is nice to have someone to care for milo who cares so much about our family and about milo....he even came to maine with us for part of our trip, he is the best!

okay....well that is the first segment on my update of the last nine months, i am sure i will keep thinking of things i wanted to write and i will put them in my next post which will be much sooner than nine months from now!


Nanny/Lisa said...

great pics, glad you are back !!
hope you guys are getting settled back in your routine
give muffin a kiss for me
and download the "dynamite" song for him, he loved dancing to it with his Nanny :)

Katy said...

I missed you! So great to hear about Milo's successes. You should share what you've learned about vomiting here on the blog--might help someone else one day.

caryanne said...

Yes! We've missed you and Milo! So glad to hear that the vomiting is mostly under control. I'm one of those readers that would love to know more. Daniel (my non-special needs son) vomits on occasion. Sometimes a few times a week and other weeks not at all. I don't think it's as often as Milo was, but I'd still love to hear what you did about it.

Looks like you had a lovely trip to maine! Love all the photos!

jamie said...

a vomiting post will be coming soon :) i'm really glad that people are still reading since we have been gone for so long, i have been checking in now and then on all of the blogs on my blog roll, but i must admit that i am behind.....i am going to work on catching up during this long weekend, i feel so out of the loop!

Keri said...

Heck yes! I've missed you and Milo, especially that adorable smile of his! So glad to hear vomiting is under control and that you and your family had a wonderful trip to Maine. The pictures are fabulous! Can't wait to hear more...

Nicole said...

So happy to see you guys. Sophie has talked about Milo all week. Love you guys!