Sunday, November 15, 2009

warning...milo's cuteness may be contagious

so flu season has officially begun in the speed household. it all started last friday when jesse came down with conjunctivitis. saturday milo started to come down with a cold and a very nasty cyclic vomiting cycle thanks to said cold...which lead to a 12 hour day in the emergency room to get some iv fluids on monday. luckily they let us go home, but i blame those long 12 hours in the e.r. on me getting the stomach flu which i have had since tuesday night, today i am finally starting to feel human again.....and it has all come full circle with milo coming down with conjunctivitis today. so there you have it. i hope everyone else has had a calmer, healthier week.


Katy said...

Rock star is perfect way to describe Milo! He's so cool--I could see him in a little fedora listening to jazz.

Sorry y'all had the sickies--at least they didn't make you stay in the hospital. That's the worst.

Poppy said...

Milo looks very content grooving on some tunes. Stay Healthy!!!! Love Poppy

caryanne said...

Awesome pics! Hope you all feel better soon.