Thursday, September 3, 2009

hospital stay number 5,320

okay, well not really that many, but it feels like it. this time we actually ended up in the picu. i stayed in the emergency room with milo from about 10pm to 9am without sleeping, and then spent the whole day in the picu with him...sleeping a bit here and there when i could. i was a mess, milo was a mess...i am tired and don't really feel like getting into all of the details, but i will later, i promise. the short story is that like always with these hospital visits, it was gi issues, but pretty extreme this time, like vomiting blood extreme. so anyway, he was transferred from the picu to the gi unit at children's in dallas this evening. i will explain more later and try to keep everyone updated. goodnight.


jocalyn said...

Thinking of you guys. Hang in there.

caryanne said...

Thinking of you and Milo...hope to hear a positive update soon. xx

Erin said...

Thinking of Milo (and you!) and praying for a speedy recovery!

Jenkins said...

Praying for your little guy. We are having the same difficulties with severe vomiting just finished up back to back hospital stays during August.
It is so exhausting, praying for resolve and rest!