Friday, May 29, 2009

a new look and a half birthday

i have revamped my blog...and finally made a banner with milo's adorable little face on it, which i have been meaning to do for a while. so much has been going on here lately. i keep meaning to sit down and write an actual post but never seem to get around to it. milo turned one and a half the other day, it has been a crazy year and a half too! so much has happened and i think i have probably aged about 10 years in that time, and i have the grey hair to prove it....but i am so in awe of milo, and so proud, and although i get really sad sometimes thinking about all he has gone through, and we as a family have gone through, i am so happy that he is my's all so worth it, every last grey hair is worth it!

we had to make a tough decision recently regarding milo's issues with vomiting...we basically had to decide whether or not milo should get a nissan fundo, or a gj tube. both had their advantages and disadvantages...nissans don't work for every kid, from what i was told it seemed like a 50/50 chance, it was either going to work great, or cause even more problems. the gj tube meant that milo would have to be hooked up to a continuious feed for a majority of the day, no more bolus feedings. so after alot of internet searching and talking to different people about it we decided to start with the gj tube. it was a less intrusive option and if it doesn't work it's very easy to reverse, unlike the nissan....and if it doesn't work a nissan is always an option in the future.

he just had the procedure done yesterday and so far so good. he seems to be feeling better then i have seen him in quite a while. i can't imagine it was much fun for him vomiting several times a day, and when we did our practice feeding by mouth today he ate half a jar of gerber stage 2 mac and cheese which is the most he has eaten by mouth in a long time....since before the vomiting got out of control, so keep your fingers crossed that this does the trick and milo can start growing and thriving....milo has been a skinny baby for much too long, bring on the chubby baby cheeks!


poppy said...

it is encouraging that he was more interested in taking food by mouth today. he is due for some good things to happen! love to all

Melanie said...

Love the new look!

Hope all is going well.

Keri said...

I'm totally diggin; thenew look here. That photo of Milo is picture perfect. I just love how the sun shines on his precious face. He's so adorable!

Glad to hear Milo is eating by mouth. That is so great to hear, especially after having a feeding tube placed. Logan has the Nissen and a g-tube. He will not eat or drink ANYTHING orally. Definitely keeping my fingers crossed that Mile makes this a continuous trend!!

Anonymous said...

The new banner is great! An excellent photo of your little guy.

Great news that he was so willing to eat just after the procedure (surgery). Bring-on some muscle with those chubby cheeks, eh?

Nicole said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new look. The new Banner is GREAT and I LOVE all the great shots of Baby Milo. I could scoop him up. Too cute!

caryanne said...

I absolutely love the new look to your blog! And that photo of Milo is awesome!

Great news about the oral feeds...keep it up Milo!

Amy Genn said...

You speaka my language!

My son is in need of the Nissen....and we are going to pursue it again...but we've been desperately trying NOT to have it done. (He'll be 4 this month).
Eli has CP - and everything we've read says it has a high failure rate in neuro involved kiddos.


We were thinking of doing a GJ earlier this year, but didn't want to lose his stomach function...he eats nothing by we've been on a crazy feeding plan but it works and he's gained 2 lbs! :)

Glad I found you through Bird on the Street!