Saturday, March 7, 2009

what's new?

what's new in milo's life? well....a lot has been happening lately so here is an update.

1. milo has been seizure free for about three weeks now!!!!!!!!!!!! i am not exactly sure how or why but am thrilled none the less. his seizure meds went up slightly a couple of weeks before they stopped, and he went on a new formula which has majorly decreased milo's vomiting (including vomiting up his meds which would happen pretty regularly) so maybe it was one or both of these things...i just hope whatever it is it keeps working.

2. sleeping......sigh. lately milo has not been the good little sleeper that he used to be. he usually starts trying to get up for the day at around 2am...and then it is just a losing battle from there. i reposition him and he will fall back asleep for maybe an hour, then he is up again, and this goes on until about 5am when no amount of repositioning is going to get him back to sleep and we are up for the day. so from 2am to 5am i am up and down and up and down which does not equal quality sleep, and 5am is sooooo early. milo used to sleep until 8am, those were the days!

3. milo has finally found his laugh. it is goofy and infectious and it makes me so, so happy.

4. milo is making progress with eating solids. he was really picky at first with what he would eat...and for a while he would only eat gerber stage two mac & cheese....but milo loves his z-vibe, and so one day at feeding therapy we tried putting some food on his z-vibe first, and let him get used to the taste that way, then trying it with a regular spoon. it worked like a charm! we have a z-vibe at home too which we got on, and so whenever milo is trying a new food we just dip the z-vibe in it and give it to him on that. you can also get spoon attachments for the z-vibe which we may try as well.

that is all i can think of right now....but here are a few pictures of mr. m in all of his adorableness.


Ellen said...

Hello, beautiful Milo!!! What great photos. What GREAT PROGRESS!

I am so glad he has been seizure free. What a relief that must be. I hope it sticks forever. And glad he is coming along on the solids. Max has a Z-Vibe, too. He doesn't love it THAT much, but tolerates it.

All kids go in and out of sleep phases, so hopefully this bad-sleep phase will be short.

Post a video of Milo's laugh, if you can!

Karen Owens said...

So cute! And I love the hot wheels onzie! How much does Milo weigh and how long is he? I'm thinking about this chair for Gavin but I'm not sure he would fit. Gavin is about 23 lbs and a very long sting bean.

jamie said...

ellen, milo really loves vibration and wants to put everything in his mouth so the z-vibe is one of his favorites. i will post a video of him laughing as soon as i get one :)
karen, milo weighs about 17 lbs and is 29 inches...he is still a bit small for the child-rite and i have to put towel rolls around him when he uses it, i have seen kids much bigger then milo in child-rite seats on other blogs, so i think gavin would fit.

Lisa said...

oh my God!!!
he is too damn cute
i want to just eat him up!!!!!!
can't wait til we see him again

Poppy said...

those are great pix - we miss, Poppy