Tuesday, October 7, 2008

help me decide....

my dad and step-mom came to visit over the weekend. they live in maine and try to get to dallas every three months or so. it was a really nice weekend, and it really reminded me of how much milo has changed and how far he has come since the last time they came...he has really progressed alot and i am so proud.

on an unrelated note...i've been shopping around for a cute halloween costume for milo...i'm really excited about his first halloween and can't wait to take tons of really adorable pictures!!
so far i kind of like this little batman costume,

and this darth vador costume....

but i also like this monkey costume

and this bat costume from old navy...

any opinions? lets take a vote on which is the cutest!


Nitesister said...

Definitely Batman! He will look so cute!

Mommy07 said...

The Batman is very cute!

I got Noah the skunk from old navy, it says little stinker on the butt...I never would have picked a "skunk" but it's adorable, plus the old navy costumes are only 14.99 right now =)

Poppy said...

We had a great time visiting over the week-end. Seeing Milo's progress was very inspirational. Additionally, Jamie & Jesse got us addicted to the television show 30 Rock. We love you guys & can't wait to visit again. That being said: Batman or Monkey. Love Poppy (Jamie's Dad)

Anonymous said...

my vote is the batman
we had a great time with you guys
i think we overdid with food, though :)
he certainly is doing much better and will only continue to progress after his therapies are in place
you two are amazing with him
love you guys!!!
Lisa (nanny)